to act for sustainable employability & intergenerational diversity


With retirement, the Know-How of the company is leaving the organization.

Secure the company’s know-how while integrating new key competencies is critical for business sustainability.


Unhappiness at work increases the turn-over and decreases individual and company performance.

Longer career calls for good (mental) health and high motivation, at any step of the professional life, to sustain employability.

Physical & cognitive capabilities

Attracting and retaining young talents is a real challenge.

Intergenerational diversity is an added-value and allow to have the right people at the right place at the right time of their career.


Have you thought about...

Sponsorship of talent, fellows program for top experts, concept of internal consulting bureau

Career plan

Coaching and mentoring, including reverse mentoring, onboarding program

Mapping of key current and future competencies

And more, adapted to your needs


Have you thought about...

Recognition in the workplace

Employee volunteering: temporary or permanent assignment, skilled-based volunteering

Inclusion of 4 generations at work

Individual and team coaching

Create dedicated employee resource groups

Pre-retirement preparation

Physical and cognitive capabilities

Have you thought about...

Inclusion and diversity: create awareness and act on age discrimination and unconscious bias, create I&D council

Workshops & training for leaders to  manage Baby Boomers or Millennials

Energy and resilience management

And more, adapted to your need


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